GPS 24x7 Vehicle tracking system

How does the system work?"

The GPS tracking unit calculates the position by precise timing signals received from the satellite.
The information is collected by various sensors connected to the tracking.
The information is transmitted to control center through GSM/GPRS network.
Users can monitor the information displayed by the control center on the internet.

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Company Background

The goal in forming GPS 24x7 was to bring to market the first truly live tracking product at a target price which made real-time updates affordable to every individual or business in INDIA. To this day, GPS 24x7 continues offering the fastest updates at the lowest price on the largest wireless coverage area in the industry. This summarizes everything we stand for and everything we're about – providing the best possible value for your money. While the others charge exorbitant per month fees or comparable prices for extra updates, our system updates automatically every 30 seconds any time the vehicle is moving, whether you're watching or not. Because we collect data 24x7 you have a real history you can play back after-the-trip. Not one position fix for a mile or two, but one position fix every 30-50 feet so you can see precisely where your vehicles and assets are and where they've been.

At the end of the day, there's nothing more honest than delivering real value for your money.

GPS 24x7 is a global technology company specializing in automated vehicle tracking system for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people. The company provides complete solutions for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management and an online application. Our real- time GPS tracking systems provide real time information as well as live tracking and reports about the fleet, merchandise and personnel, enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively, leading to potential savings in fleet running costs, increases in productivity and improved customer service. GPS 24x7 distributes and sells its products through Dealers / technology partners and independent operators in more than 5 countries, and its application is localized in many languages.

GPS 24x7 is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance.

We at GPS 24x7 are rooted in honesty, integrity and doing the job right the first time. We believe in deeds, not words. Indeed, we should. We learned first-hand from giants, titans of industry on their way to the top – people who were driven to be the best.


The device is installed hidden in the vehicle, which keeps the vehicle safe.
The vehicle tracking password is given to the owner and the privacy of the person is maintained.

Prime Features

Live satellite tracking

GPS location of your vehicle is communicated to you through our website or mobile application.


Three months detailed history can viewed online.


All stops taken by the vehicle are recorded & reported.
The total distance travelled by the vehicle in a given period is reported.
The average & top speed of the vehicle is reported.


SOS alarm button can be used incase of emergency, which sends the alert to the owner of the vehicle.
Geo fencing can be marked by the user, alerts will be provided on crossing the fence.
Incase of low battery of vehicle alarm will be sent to registered mobile.
Over speeding limit can be set, receive SMS alert on crossing the limit.

Extra features

Vehicle fuel consumption and monitoring of theft can be done.
Vehicle remotely ignition lock can be provide on request.
You can remotely monitor vehicle air condition on/off.
Voice recording from the vehicle can be done remotely.


Benefits of GPS 24x7 Tracking for Transportation Industries

  • GPS 24x7 fleet tracking can successfully be used in a broad range of industries, but one of the most obvious is transportation. By its very nature, the transportation industry benefits from almost every feature GPS fleet tracking has to offer. However, these advantages are not just for large multinational corporations; small businesses can benefit from GPS fleet tracking too.

Benefits of GPS 24x7 Tracking for Transportation Companies

  • 1. Save on operating expenses

    Reduce unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating excess fuel consumption, billing discrepancies, unnecessary overtime expenses, and unauthorized vehicle usage.

  • 2. Reduce insurance costs

    Many insurance providers give discounted premiums (up to 35 percent) for companies that have vehicles equipped with a real-time fleet tracking system.

  • 3. Optimize resources

    Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a money-saving change. GPS 24x7 enables you to monitor daily use of your resources in real time and with useful tools like analytics and reports.

  • 4. Maximize vehicle utilization

    Eliminate unnecessary idle time and vehicle misuse to get the most from your fleet.

  • 5. Keep customers happy

    Real-time vehicle tracking allows you to offer first-class customer service.

  • 6. Be more predictable

    Provide customers with accurate delivery times and benefit from better vehicle and employee utilization at the same time.

  • 7. Maximize labor costs

    Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating downtime, preventing dispatch inaccuracies, and reducing tardiness.

  • 8. Optimize financial management

    Accurate GPS log data allows you to create more useful profit and loss analyses, improves accountability, and enables better budget preparation.

  • 9. Superior route planning

    Smarter route planning and more predictable schedules allow you to stay competitive and reduce costs.

  • 10. Manage maintenance

    Create alerts based on time, mileage, or engine hours to develop advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

  • 11. Ease of use

    User-friendly interfaces enable easy access to quality information and data from any computer or mobile device.

  • 12. Locate assets

    Locate lost or stolen vehicles or other assets with exact location details made possible by GPS technology.

  • 13. Improve safety

    Enhance safety and security for personnel by providing direct assistance and support, monitoring vehicle activity, and implementing two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers.

  • 14. Be competitive

    Compete with market rivals by implementing unparalleled commercial fleet tracking capabilities. You will be able to provide better service and the money you will save with GPS 24x7 will help you keep costs low.

GPS 24x7 offers a range of GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from implementing a vehicle tracking system for your transportation business, view our live demos or request pricing today. What feature of GPS fleet tracking would be the most beneficial for your transportation business?


What is Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle Tracking system is a typical combination of the hardware and software which enables the user to know each and every activity and the movement information, at any point of time, from anywhere and by any authorized users.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. It refers to a coordination of satellites and receivers that permit inhabitants and devices to identify their accurate location on the earth.

What is GPRS?

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a new non-voice value added service that allocates Mobile Phones to be used for transmitting and receiving data over an Internet Protocol (IP) based network. GPRS as such is data possessor that facilitates wireless admittance to data networks like the Internet, enabling users to access E-mail and other Internet applications using Mobile Phones.

What is GSM?

GSM, which stands for Global System for Mobile communications, sovereignty as the world’s most extensively used cell phone technology. Cell phones use a cell phone service provider’s GSM network by probing for cell phone towers in the adjoining area.

Can I conceal the vehicle device from my drivers?

Our units are quite small and are often installed discretely. The vehicle device does not require any assistance from the driver.

How long does it take to install the unit in the vehicle?

15 minutes

How is the vehicle device powered?

The vehicle device is powered by the vehicle's 12-volt or 24-volt battery. It also has it's own built-in backup battery in case it does not receive power from the vehicle battery for some reason. The backup battery lasts for 18 hours.

What if somebody tampers with the vehicle device?

The vehicle device has functions to alert you of such situations. If vehicle battery power is diconnected, it will send you a SMS alert (charges applicable). If it does not receive GPS data, it will send you a SMS alert. Finally, if our Application Server does not receive data from the vehicle device, we alert you about this

Is there a warranty for the vehicle device?

Yes, there is a one year warranty on the vehicle device. However, incase the vehicle device is tampered with or reinstalled without the services of our trained personnel, the warranty will cease to be valid.

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